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Institut National des Sciences Appliquées

High Level Sportive Section

The INSA Toulouse high level sportive section has been created in 1990. More than 300 people have been welcome in this program through the different INSA departments.

Currently, the INSA Toulouse high level sportive section is composed by more than 70 students.

This section allows to athletes and players to pursue their studies keeping practicing their sport activities at high level and having a big training volume during the week. Thanks to this program, these athletes can prepare their professional career and at the same time achieve their sportive objectives.

To lead this challenge to succeed, the INSA Toulouse brings them its help in different levels, and it can be very efficient... Thomas Castaignède, Jean Bouilhou, David Skrela are some High Athletes Rugby players that went thru this program.

Athletes can continue to study by following a long studies avengement (scholarship arrangement). It allows to transform 4 semesters in 6 semesters, and so to train more.

The SHN (“Sportif de Haut Niveau” = High Level Athletes) statue also permits to have avengements:

 When athletes have an important competition or need to miss classes to train, they can benefit particular classes which help them to catch up the regular students.

Concerning exams, when an athlete cannot be present, he can get another exam on a suitable date for him.

The SHN program has also a privileged access to the weight room, to the gymnasium and to the two fields; all are set in the INSA Toulouse’s campus.