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Institut National des Sciences Appliquées

International Programs

How to council your professional career, your sport’s talent and an international experience?


The INSA of Toulouse, offers different very special programs for internationals: the “i-SHN”.


-  If you are a high level athlete studying an engineering career the “i-SHN” program is made for you.

You will have the same advantages as a French high level athlete (see SHN program advantages) and you will have an individual follow-up /treatment to make your experience as unique as we can.

-  If you are a good athlete and studying an engineering career, the ‘i-AS’ program is made for you.

You will be able to practice your sports while continuing your career during a year or a semester. Just contact us, and we will do our best to find the training sessions or the contacts you need.

- What if you don’t practice any sport?

You can come to Toulouse with an Erasmus Exchange Program. You don’t need to practice a sport to visit our city and discover our culture. We will love to have you here also. Contact your international relations office and send us an email to inform us.

In addition, if you want to discover a new sport or activity, the AS (sports association) offers over 40 different sports (see “AS presentation”).

-  What if I am not studying engineering and I am a high level athlete?

A new program called “i-Toulouse” will be created soon: contact us for more information. We have many partnerships with different universities in Toulouse where you could fit in while practicing your sport. This program will be unique for every applicant, so it’s really important to contact us if you are a high level sportsman and want to come to Toulouse (Rugby players have an easier access).


International Sports Exchange Program contact:

Jacques-Nicolas OJEA (Student and former high level Rugby Player):

jnojea @